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I believe you are here because you want to learn How To How To Start A Profitable Blog in 2020. I should warn you – starting a blog and making lots of money doing it is not for everyone; it takes lots of hard work, resilience, and yes, a load of commitments.

While I would want you to see the Internet as the real estate of the future, I need you to ask yourself why you are not taking the step to buy into this real estate business before it gets saturated in the future?

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However, if like most Nigerians, you are tired of watching from the sidelines while others are making money through one online activity or the other, but you are scared or do not even know how to get started, then you just might want to consider starting a blog. Having a thriving blog is like having your own estate on the Internet.

Though there are a lot of ventures to make money online these days, they all come down to about 7 major means of monetizing such online ventures. Luckily, blogging is amongst the top online ventures you could go into and make lots of money in the year 2020.

What is a Blog?

According to Wikipedia, A blog (a truncation of “weblog”)[1] is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

Since we have defined what a blog is, I assume you know a bit about blogging, else you would not have gotten on this page. However, for the sake of those that may be newbies, I will attempt to define what blogging is below.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the act of writing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., on a website. It often contains images and links to other websites.

As said in my opening line, blogging requires a lot. Like many others, you may have considered blogging in the past without going far with it most likely because you could not figure out the process.

If that is the case, do not worry. What makes blogging so attractive is that the upfront financial investment you need to make is very low; if your passion is centered around writing, then all you would need is the passion, resilience and very low financial capital outlay, and you could well be on your way to becoming a renowned blogger.

This article explains how anyone can start a successful blog in Nigeria.

Get ready to learn from the very basics of how to select a niche all the way to how to make money from your blog. If you are like me, the latter part of this article would be more exciting as it dives down into the methods available to you to make money blogging in Nigeria!

How to Start Your First Money-making Blog – A Step by Step Guide.

Now we have the preamble out of the way, it is time to take you by the hand and show you how you can set up a blog from scratch.

Start With Selecting a Profitable Niche

Starting a blog is a good thing, but you must understand why you want to start one. If you are like most people, then you must know something that you feel that others would be willing to pay for.

In reality, the success or failure of a blog starts with the selection of the right niche. Not all niches are profitable; some are in fact too competitive to go into any longer.

Therefore, the key to starting a successful blog is picking a profitable niche. Do not start blindly, do not start because you feel you have some knowledge on a niche area. Start on a niche because your research findings point to it being lucrative, it is an area you are very comfortable with and you have a lot of content ideas for. Read up more on picking profitable niches here; I learned from them myself.

Select a Suitable Domain Name

In business, branding is key. Your brand represents all that you stand for and would be known for; it represents you in the minds of your clients. You should know that blogging is a business and in business, your brand strategy starts from the name you choose.

So in blogging, your domain name is your brand identity, so you must do all possible to select a domain name that represents what you want your blog to be, and become.

Choose A Reliable Hosting Service Provider

Web hosting is a service that stores files and databases related to your website or blog on internet-connected servers in such a manner that they are accessible to your readers over the internet.

The first advice I will give here is that you should avoid using hosting from your domain registrars. Buy hosting from a separate hosting provider to ensure that it is easy for you to move your business elsewhere in the event that you find their service to be below your expectation. Personally, I use Smartweb as my domain registrar and I use Amazon Web Services for my hosting (Newbies should please go to providers like Bluehost. They are fast and their customer support is top-notch).

That said, it is also important to do your due diligence and select a reliable web hosting company. One way of doing this is by checking out review comments that real users have left describing their experiences with the host. Additionally, ensure that the host provides at the minimum a service level agreement and guaranteed uptime of their servers.

Monthly fees for hosting usually is between $4 – $10.

While hosting companies offer monthly payment option, I would strongly discourage you from taking that route as making monthly payments make it easy for you to throw in the towel only after a few weeks of blogging – Making money from blogging takes a lot of time; at least 6 months before you should expect anything tangible. Blogging is a long-term game and having already incurred some payments would somehow keep you in the game.

Select the topics you would love to start your blog with

Some newbie bloggers fall into the trap of picking a topic just because you have seen a couple of bloggers making money writing on that topic and they are surprised when after one month they feel like they would rather die than write another word on that topic.

Blogging is a numbers game, you must be sure to pick your niche where there are a lot of audiences and also be sure to write on what those audiences are interested in and would most likely visit your blog for answers on.

How Do You Decide on Suitable Topics For Your Blog?

One suggestion is to use some Keywords search tool, there are actually a lot of them out there, including that made by the mighty Google itself.

Another way to get topic ideas around your interest is to leverage on Google’s own search queries. That is how I get my topic ideas by the way. For example, to get topics around dropshipping, all you need do is perform a search for the keyword – dropshipping and harvest the suggestions given to you by Google. Doing that automatically gives you the confidence that people are searching for those topics since they were suggested by Google’s own autosuggest feature. Google can only give you what it has been fed!

How To Start A Blog and Make Lots of Money in Nigeria (2019)

You just spent hours into researching, writing and editing your latest blog post.

What next?

Promote Your Blog

The days of write and they will come (or content is king, without promotion) are long gone. It is important to spend as much time that it takes you to write to distribute your content and help it gather momentum.

At the core, to be a successful blogger, you must put your content distribution game on your best foot and put it forward; you must learn to squeeze out as much mileage as possible from every single piece of content that you produce. From my estimation, a good ranking and well-promoted content should give you traffic of about 1000 views at the minimum, monthly.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. For a start, ask your friends especially those interested in your niche to help you share your post, amplify your reach and get those important social proof on your share counters.
  2. Who are the influencers in your niche? Who are the experts? Can you reference them in your post, or even quote them? That way, you can hit them a simple email letting them know that you have featured them in your content and asking that they share the content with their audience.
  3. Another tip worthy of mention is that you should collect emails on your blog from the very beginning. This way you have a ready audience to notify about your posts whenever you have new content. Setup a form from day one to collect email subscribers.
  4. Join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn related to your niche
  5. Form connections with bloggers in the space and make comments on their posts as well as share their content with your audience.
  6. Curate useful content in your industry and continuously share them on your social media profiles.
  7. Write useful blog posts that answer questions that people are asking in groups, then provide a short and useful answer in the group and ask that people go the post if they need a more in-depth response.
  8. Pay to promote your blog posts for a short time to a well-targeted audience to give an initial push towards visibility.
  9. Schedule the social media postings of your posts. Updates on our timelines move so fast these days that one can easily miss content if he is not online around when it was shared. So, it is fair game to schedule sharing your content multiple times. Remember to use different images and captions so you don’t sound monotonous to your audience.

Build Online Authority / Reputation?

Again, put in the work to make useful posts just for the purpose of helping people. When you have helped people solve problems they have repeatedly and the Internet rewards you with authority.

If you are like most newbies and do not have any online authority, then it is hard for Google and other search engines out there to trust you; you need to put in the work to build online authority.

Here are a few steps to help you build online authority.

  • Build a great website
  • Build your personal brand as an expert in your chosen niche
  • Post very useful contents on your website
  • Guest post on other leading blogs within your chosen niche

Monetize your blog

If you are like most people, you probably want to start your blog to enable you to make money from it. Keep in mind, though, that for you to make money from your blog, you have to establish yourself as an authority in your chosen niche – only then will people trust you enough to take your word for it when you make recommendations.

While there are many ways to monetize your blog, the three main ones that I will recommend are:

Affiliate Marketing

If done right, this is the easiest and fastest way to make money from your blog.
As an affiliate, you make product recommendations to your readers based on the
context of your content.

For example, in this post, I could make recommendations to my readers on who a good web service hosting provider is, using a unique and trackable link that was given by the affiliate network I am using. When someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, I get a commission on that purchase, and in some cases, on all future purchases that person makes.

There is no limit to what can be sold as an affiliate. Check out Commission Junction for a sampling of the kind offers that are out there. However, if you prefer to work with Nigerian providers, Jumia is at the top of the affiliate game here.

Online Courses

After you have cut your teeth with affiliate marketing, Online Course is the next best thing to try your hands on.

True, it takes more investment and efforts to create a course that people would find useful. However, once you have created a useful course on a site that you have already built authority on, you can pave the streets with gold all the way to the bank.

One of the easiest platforms to distribute your course on is Thinkific.

Pay Per Click Advertising

From the name, it is easy to guess how you monetize your blog from this method. You are paid for each visitor that clicks on an advert displayed on your website. You signup with a PPC provider and you are given a code to place at different sections of your site where you want ads to appear. The provider then serves contextual ads based on the surrounding content on the page. Google Adsense is the most popular PPC provider.

Is Blogging Still Lucrative in Nigeria?

If you have been under a hole for a long time, you may ask that question.

However, the internet is full of proof of bloggers who are making money from full-time blogging. I am talking about millions of dollars annually – from Nigeria.

Run a Google search using the keyword “richest bloggers in Nigeria” and see what I am talking about.

The simple answer is YES, it is still highly lucrative; people open blogs daily. Some people would in fact open on the niche you are considering a few hours from now. What you must know is this – It takes time to develop the traffic needed to get you sales; it takes a lot of consistency and above all, you may not make a kobo in your first 6 months of putting in all the work.

Is it Too Late to Start a Successful Blog in 2020?

This is a common question. A number of persons I have interacted with have expressed concerns that there are already too many Nigerian blogs out there and that they doubt that the opportunity was still prime.

I will tell you what I tell them, start. You too can Start A Blog and Make Lots of Money blogging in Nigerian.

It is only late if you never start. Read up on How to Start and Run A Successful Business in Nigeria by clicking here


Do you know another practical way to start a blog and make lots of money from it in Nigeria? Please share with us in the comment section.



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